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For over 20 years, Jenny Lee has been known in the bridal gown industry for her superior Parisian couture fit. Her passion and artistry has placed her dresses in top department stores like Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman in NY, and top bridal boutiques internationally.  


Through her experience of personally fitting women in her Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, California boutiques, Jenny consistently experienced the frustration of inferior foundation garments that prevented her from creating the perfect look. She constantly questioned with all the advances in technology for fashion, why had the basic design of the bra remained the same since the 1930s.  

Model wearing Beautifit Wireless Corset


Model wearing Beautifit Wireless Bra

Unwilling to accept the industry standards, she began to educate herself on the physics of the female form through fitting thousands of women and studying functional undergarment designs to create the best feminine silhouette. After seven years of R&D she finally created BeautiFIT Technology   - the innovative bra technology that provides unmatched support and a comfortable fit without underwire or unnatural bulky padding.  


Jenny has been creating a luxury brand of beautiful and sophisticated wedding gowns that always ensure a flattering, feminine silhouette. In that same tradition, she continues to ensure that her new BeautiFIT by Jenny Lee lingerie collection brings out the beauty of the wearer. The functional aspect of BeautiFIT is significant yet Jenny has not forgotten the simplicity of elegance and sensuality that has always been a part of her creations.


“I cannot wait to see all women feel comfortably happy and confident with what she is wearing. I am so excited to announce my first lingerie collection with my revolutionary technology that will finally debut early 2018. I have been waiting so long to share my vision.“

"I make sure each piece brings out the beauty of the person who is wearing it"



Jenny Lee

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